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The Right to Vaccination: Policy Paper by Zulat and Physicians for Human Rights – Israel

Dr. Shelly Kamin-Friedman Adv.
למאמרים נוספים לחץ:

8 January, 2021

Zulat and Physicians for Human Rights – Israel present a series of demands to the Israeli government concerning corona vaccine policy and offers practical recommendations from the perspective of human rights that are affected by this policy. It addresses the costs and implications of government’s actions, taking into account the constraints of dealing with a new pandemic and the efforts to find wide-ranging solutions within a short period of time.

The three main policy recommendations presented in this paper are: 

  1. Finance the vaccination campaign with dedicated funds, so as not to compromise the health system’s budget.
  2. Provide free vaccines to the entire population, including asylum seekers, migrant workers, and the Palestinian population in the Occupied Territories.
  3. If it is proven that the vaccine prevents transmission of the virus, consider stopping the employment of medical staff working with at-risk patients who refuse to be vaccinated and transferring them to other positions. Medical staff who voice opposition to the vaccine must note that their position differs from that accepted in the scientific community.

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