Zulat's Human Rights Index

We are pleased and even a little excited to introduce our first quarterly Human Rights Survey conducted against the backdrop of the corona crisis as part of Zulat’s flagship project: our annual Human Rights Index. Amid the ongoing barrage of polls about the prospects of parties, this is good time to start gauging the public’s attitudes toward human rights

What is Zulat’s Human Rights Index

Zulat’s Human Rights Index seeks to map out the Israeli public’s positions on human rights in order to assess which rights are important to Israelis and which ones are violated by the state, in order to restore the legitimacy of the human rights discourse based on a commitment to an equal and just society

Many indices on a variety of issues are published in Israel, but Zulat’s index is intended to ascertain the views of citizens on a wide range of human rights based on a broad conception of the subject, which sees universal rights, private and collective civil rights, and social rights (including the rights to dignity, education, and health) as a whole. The publication of our first quarterly survey aims at strengthening the foundations set forth in the Declaration of Independence that have been eroded over the years due to the fact that Israel lacks a full-fledged constitution that is long-standing and inviolable. We hope that a public debate about the findings of our index will then form the basis for the legislation of a Declaration on Human Rights that down the road will lead to the enactment of a constitution based on the Declaration of Independence

How long will the project last

Zulat’s Human Rights Index is a long-term project and will continue for a long time. The index will include identical quarterly questions and specific questions on topical issues. The findings, which will be published quarterly, will make it possible to completely redefine the media’s agenda and discourse on equality and human rights, and the commitment to protect them.

But that’s not all 
Once a year, we will also publish a multi-year index, on the basis of which we will be able to take concrete steps and large-scale actions, to protect the most violated rights, as emerging from the findings. The research data will be made available to decision-makers, influencers, and civil society.

What is the scope of the first survey

The first quarterly survey is based on research conducted in mid-February 2021 among 647 Jews and 176 Arabs, who constitute a representative sample of Israel’s adult population (aged 18 and above). The data was collected by Ipanel, while Lotem Bassan-Nygate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Chagai Weiss of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a research fellow at the Middle East Project of Harvard School of Public Policy analyzed the findings and wrote the conclusions


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