The Human Rights of Older Persons in Times of Corona

The Zulat Institute for Equality and Human Rights is hereby publishing a report compiled in July-August 2020 by a team of multidisciplinary experts led by Dr. Carmel Shalev, which for the first time formulates a holistic approach to the plight of older persons during the coronavirus pandemic. The team consisted of: Prof. Rabia Khalaila, Dr.

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Human Rights Violations in Basic Law: Referendum and Its Expansion


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Mission Statement: Zulat works to reestablish the legitimacy of democracy, equality and human rights in Israel, using focused research as a catalyst for strategic action and advocacy.

Zulat (“fellow person” in Hebrew) is a new activist think tank set to become an influential body for advocacy and policy on equality and human rights. Our goal is to promote a Bill of Rights and codified constitution for Israel by advancing a series of Basic Laws on human and social rights. While this may seem a distant vision given the current political climate, in order to bring about a substantial, positive shift on issues concerning rights and equality and build a broad public basis of support, they must be put back on the agenda.

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“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.”

- Rosa Parks


רון קסלר

רון קסלר בעל ניסיון של למעלה משני עשורים בתחום הדיגיטל והתוכן והתמחה בקמפיינים פוליטיים וחברתיים רבים. בעברו ליווה את הפעילות הדיגיטלית של נבחרי ציבור בכירים, ועבד בארגוני המגזר השלישי. רון הוא אופטימי מיסודו, אדם שמאמין שאפשר לשנות את ישראל וגם להשתנות יחד איתה. מתגורר בתל אביב והבעלים הגאה של פיבי כלבת הלברדור.