On 9 September, a Norwegian MP named Christian Tybring-Gjedde nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for normalizing relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. This is the culmination of a large-scale marketing deception, in which the word “peace” is used to describe the formalization of relations that have been going on for three decades with a country with which Israel has no conflict or shares a border. This attempted deception should be seen as a direct extension of “the deal of the century,” which was also marketed as a “peace agreement” even though it centered on a plan to unilaterally annex one third of the West Bank. Another common denominator of the two moves is that both contribute to strengthening Netanyahu and Trump’s political power and that in both cases the Palestinians have been completely excluded from the debate even though they both affect them directly.

Whether Netanyahu and Trump’s two moves were planned in advance or shaped up on the go, it is the Palestinians who pay the price time and again. This is because as part of that marketing deception, Netanyahu keeps taking steps that deepen, exacerbate, perpetuate and, above all, normalize Israel’s control of the Palestinians and the harm it inflicts on them. He then gift-wraps them in a glossy “peace” package tied up in ribbons of US approval and Arab legitimacy and presents it to us. In any case, when Netanyahu seeks to promote a political move that will serve him, strengthen his political power and accord legitimacy to our military control of the territories, he does not hesitate to deceive the public, spread blatant lies and hide the truth.

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