In less than a decade, the annexation of the Occupied Territories has morphed from a distorted idea upheld by the delusional fringes of Israeli society into the declared policy of the Israeli government. This shift could have serious consequences: from an escalation in the Occupied Territories to the entrenchment of an apartheid policy in the Israeli legal code, from the widespread violation of human rights to international sanctions on Israel. Nevertheless, a calculated right-wing campaign has managed to wrap the annexation in pink and rustling gift paper tissue and market it to the Israeli public as a legitimate, reasonable and almost inevitable move.

The “Whitewashing Apartheid” report exposes the laundering process conducted by media and political stakeholders, which has played a major role in legitimizing and normalizing the idea of ​​annexation in the Israeli public discourse.

The report emphasizes the absence of the word “apartheid” from the discourse, which is why the first chapter is devoted entirely to examining this complex term. Next comes the main chapter of the report: the “Laundromat,” which lists the seven steps used by launderers of the annexation discourse. This is followed by a review of the meanings and implications of annexation, those that the launderers seek to hide through the whitewashed terminology they embed. Last but not least is a glossary, which offers a linguistic alternative for replacing the laundered annexation discourse with a language that is more accurate and true to reality.

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